All light sources must be recycled ...   

Different types of lamps are concerned:   

• Fluorescent tubes (called "neon"); 

• low consumption lamps (or compact fluorescent); 

• metal halide lamps (or metal halide); 

• sodium lamps (high and low pressure); 

• mercury vapor lamps; 

• LED lamps.   

To recognize this is very simple:  since 2005, which concern all the lamps marked "dustbin". recycled bulbs  

The W.E.E.E (Waste of Electrical & Electronic Equipment) regulations came into force on the 1st July 2007.Regulations state that certain types of lamps need to be recycled and as a company we have an obligation and need to advise customers how to discard of lighting products.

To fulfil these requirements all manufactures and importers of these lamps will be responsible for the cost of this directive.We are a member of Weeecare. For further information please go to find your nearest reclycling bank please go to and enter your postcode. All customer are however able to return damaged, broken or tubes which are at the end of their life back to us. However the customer is responsible for the postal charges to do this. For that reason the cheapest and simplest way to dispose of the lamps is to go to your local recycling point.If you have any questions or concerns regarding recycling and WEEE please email us on