These payment methods are available to you depending on your country of residence.   By Debit Card:    Payment by debit card Visa and Mastercard is provided either by Bluepaid, Skrill (Moneybookers) or by Paypal. These systems are 100% secure and you can adjust your order safely. No items in your CB are registered on our website. Your payment is made on a secure page (https) our banking partner. We remind you that the only elements to transcribe on the payment page is your type of credit card, your card number, expiry date and security code. In no way you should not give your PIN.   By prepaid account:     You do not have your No. CB, the card number at the time of your order or you do not want to use the number of your credit card on the internet, you can use your Paypal account.   By bank transfer:   After choosing the mode of payment by bank (wire) transfer with your order, we offer you our bank details and IBAN for you to make the transfer to our account.